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Sakya Capital, a limited company has interest in investing into various sectors including Finance, Pharmaceutical, Biomedical, Biotechnology, Information Technology, Retails, Hospitality, Real Estate, Transportation, Aviation, Drone, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI), Agriculture, General Health, Insurance and other activities. It thrives to empower and unleash economic transformation of our investors and maintain the core moral principles and shared values of SCL. This has corroborated us to deliver balanced growing financial returns and being a responsible organization through two different investment strategies.

Commercial Fund: Focuses on investing responsibly and commercially to preserve and grow the long-term value of our assets.
Strategic Fund: Undertakes investments to deliver impactful measurable economic and societal returns for our investors.
Our Vision Our Mission Our values Our Philosophies
Strategic and guarantee investments to deliver impactful, measurable economic benefits and societal returns for the investors.
To enhance the economic wealth and prosperity of investors and promote the economic fraternity within investors to share and accumulate wealth.
  • We are committed to exercise with caution and will not compromise on integrity in safeguarding the investment and wealth of our investors.
  • We cultivate a culture of collaboration, mutual respect and empowerment in achieving our shared aspirations.
  • We hold ourselves accountable, respect diversity and different viewpoints and support each other morally and ethically.
  • We apply a long-term perspective to deliver sustainable risk adjusted returns and discipline in continually assessing our companies portfolio with investors' mindset.
  • Advocate for responsible and sustainable action and develop our people to achieve our goals in the right direction.
  • Most interestingly, we divide the two investment portfolios or plans including commercial fund and strategic fund.